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Let Us Get Back To Money Basics Shall We?

What does money represent to you? Choices?  Security?  Luxury?

 It was Robert Kiyosaki  who first popularized what we know today as the cash flow quadrant.  

 Did you know that Robert Kiyosaki  origninally got it from his "Rich Dad" Keith Cunningham. Yes Rich Dad is actually a real person.

Believe it or not , the two men differ on  the concept of the cashflow quadrant.... I will explain what I mean in a bit.

 Essentially, the cash flow quadrant describes the 4 main ways people acquire money.

However, I must point out that   currently, about 1% of the population ( the top1%) control 99% of the world's wealth.  

​​​While   the rest of the world  try to divide the remaining 1% of the wealth.


 In upcoming  posts we are going to dive deep  in to each quadrant.  But  today I just want to share my two major mind shifts I got  from Keith Cunningham regarding the cashflow quadrant.

Click here to see the interview with renowned Rich Dad, Mr. Keith Cunningham​​​

So what brought this on.....

Simple.... recession,  stock market down, bitcoin down, jobs being replaced by technology and the list goes on.

 In many of the Facebook groups, I have seen so many stories where people  have lost their jobs and have very little to no savings.  

Do not even  mention the word retirement money ok.

​Many of these people are  between  their 40's and 60's.

 You might even say that they did not manage their resources well. Right?

But  without the details....it would be speculation

You might say  they should have built a business instead of having a job.

What about  having a franchise business? It  is often seen as a  turnkey business with near guarantee for success.....  not so?

But a lady in her late 50's had to close down her franchise business December 2017 because, it was not making any money and she went broke. Now she has to start all over again from scratch rather than the   easy and free lifestyle she might have banked on.

Talk about  crushing disappointment....

I do admire her for still having the guts to keep going.

Now, Robert Kiyosaki has advocated for years that to be truly wealthy you must be a business owner or an investor...  the right side of the quadrant.

Let us face it,  the right side has much more  benefits than the left side of the quadrant. 

 But really, aren't we  in more than one quadrant ?

 For example  you may  have a job and  a side hustle like a store or  nail tech.

In fact you can operate in all 4 cashflow quadrants and there is nothing wrong with that.


So while Robert Kiyosaki  focuses on the right side of the quadrant, Keith Cunningham says why not both.

 The second key point is that the skills to operate in each quadrant  are different.

Yes each quadrant may have  a different  mindset but   you must have the  right skills and education to be successful in any of the quadrants.

As  Mr. Rich Dad pointed out, there are rich persons in each  cashflow quadrant.

But there are also poor persons in each cashflow quadrant.

And that is where financial education comes in.

In order to  be truly  wealthy, you  have to manage your cash flow but You must also have the financial  knowledge and strategy to keep  your money.

 SO make sure  to invest in your financial education and multiple streams of income.

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