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        WHAT TO DO
        WHEN YOU
        FEEL STUCK

Boy don't I know about struggle.   Yes the struggle is real!   From living pay cheque to pay cheque, dwindling savings and  drowning in credit card  debt.   Not to mention an unfair cut in salary among other things.    But worst  of all, was dealing with life-threatening illness and recognizing that I was    really truly lost.    I was paying it safe while losing the game. Talk about not living , just existing without purpose.

 To make ends meet, I started a  traditional business as a side hustle.  ( I had grown up in the family  business) Thankfully I was introduced to the home business industry and went from debt to  financial stability. But  the major benefit to me has been  the incredible journey of self discovery and purpose. 

  My Mission

To empower   Entrepreneurs, High level Professionals, Network Marketers and other home business owners   with the mindset, skills and strategies  to  get the maximum out of their business without sacrificing healthy living  so that they can  DESIGN their life of freedom, purpose and peace.

Attention Network Marketers

 Are you looking to build your  team and  get new customers online?  Your list ran out and you are looking for new prospects to  offer your opportunity? There is an   alternative to chasing people and home meetings.

Healthy Living For Busy People

 There  are a lot of demand on you. Work, business, family and more. You are too busy living to  afford the down time of illness.   You are also in the right place if you are looking for natural alternatives to managing health challenges.

 Get  Leads and Sales Online  Even While You Sleep

 First step in  anything is getting  educated and investing in your  intellectual capital.   Start learning online marketing with  detailed step  by step  trainings. Find out about done for solutions that make your life even easier.

Are You Looking To Start A Business?

  Job losses,  market crashes, debt,  retirement, companies getting shut down or going  out of business, dissatisfaction and you know you  want better then  let us see if we  are a fit and can work together.

“Everything you need to be successful has  already been placed within you.  However, you will never see the second  step,  unless you take the  first  step.  Now is the time  to step up and become the best you and walk in your purpose.

 What do you need to know when starting  your business online?

More and more of your customers seem to be  social media . Today, even grandmas and grandpas spend a lot of time on social media meeting new people and staying connected with family and friends.

Along with an increasing trend towards online shopping ...Correct?

So what does that mean for  you as a business owner?

 Water is just not enough!

As busy business owners,  our health is an important part of our asset.   However, our skin usually plays second  fiddle or is it 4th or 5th. Do you plan to  travel to a colder country? ( I am an island girl ok)

Whether you are travelling  for business or pleasure...

You can avoid my painful mistake following these 2 simple tips.

What Others Say


Donna Patterson is  a woman who knows how to take your business to the  next level. Her expertise and skills are remarkable. You will be blessed by her knowledge and wisdom.

Tyhisha Paden 

NWM and  Coach


 Donna Patterson is my go  to person for advice  on  my  health issues. I have spent so much money and tried so many things that did not work for me. Thanks to her , I am truly living life enjoying  my family and  especially my grand kids.

Catherine Duke

Donna  Patterson

  Welcome  my friend!

 I am  all about empowering people towards extraordinary living..... a successful and healthy business lifestyle  based on your needs  with  the freedom to   do what you want  but without forever being chained to the desk.

 I am from Trinidad and  Tobago. My background is water and  wastewater treatment as  well as project management. I also studied business management and marketing. I love to travel and have a passion for interior design. I really love DIY home projects.

Let us connect soon. Till then....

Cheers to freedom, purpose and peace!

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